Pool Furniture Ideas

outdoor pool furniture ideas

A backyard pool can be the ultimate gathering place, especially with the extreme heat the Seattle area has been experiencing in recent summers. By adding comfortable and inviting patio furniture, you can make this space as much about jumping in the water as it is about hanging out.

5 Most Popular Pool Furniture Ideas

These five popular pool deck furniture ideas will turn your backyard pool into an oasis. And, they don’t have to be positioned around the pool. During the cooler months, you can move them onto the patio near your house to create a warmer and more intimate outdoor space.

1. Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs

Outdoor chair lounge chairs are arguably the most popular pool furniture. Why? Because chaise lounge chairs let you stretch out and soak up the sun. Whether you’re napping, reading or just giving your whole body a break — the low profile and long length of these chairs is the perfect solution. 

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2. Outdoor Sectional Sofa Unit

A close second to a chaise lounge for pool-side seating is the outdoor sectional sofa. Built with comfort in mind, the best pool-side sectional features deep seats with overstuffed cushions. As an added bonus, most outdoor sectionals are comprised of multiple pieces that can be re-arranged based on your seating needs. 

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3. Adirondack Chairs

In the world of patio furniture, it’s hard to beat the classic Adirondack chair. The sleek design offers both comfort and elegance, while not overpowering a space. They pair perfectly with an outdoor fire pit, beside a pool or on a back porch. And thanks to the wide arms of these chairs, a side table to hold drinks is optional.

4. Patio Umbrella

While Seattle-area residents rejoice when the sun comes out, spending endless hours in it isn’t advised for anyone. Without shade, you’ll likely be chased inside and be forced to forego your pool day. A patio umbrella allows you to keep enjoying the water and the fresh air, while finding some relief from the sun’s punishing rays. 

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5. A ‘Unique’ Chair to Add Some Character & Flare

One thing we particularly love about a pool-side retreat is that they don’t tend to be as formal. The nature of swimming and towels and pool parties lends them to being a space that promotes whimsy and fun. 

To build upon this, we love incorporating furniture that mimics this sentiment. Patio furniture, like the Gloster Fern collection, are one of our favorites. These high-back chairs feature teak frames with a majestic back structure inspired by the unfurling fronds of a fern leaf. They are encircled by soft outdoor rope and topped with cloud-like cushions to envelope you in comfort. 

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