Registry Essentials


Why replace perfectly good items you already have? Instead, register for the things you want and need — the items that will add joy to your life. Design your bridal registry to improve your daily living and encourage bonding time with your partner.

Back in the day, young couples registered for household essentials. They were often getting married quite young and they needed them. Practical items like sheets, pots, and pans weren’t something the pair had accumulated together or individually.

Today, most couples find themselves well outfitted to take on the business of living long before they even start considering the big, ‘I do.’ In fact, most pairs inevitably have to pare down their lives, ridding themselves of the multiples that their union inevitably caused. Because how many households need two knife blocks and five 8-inch non-stick fry pans? Not many.

Luckily, you don’t need to feel the pressure to register for the everyday wares that typically clutter a bride’s wish list. Give yourself permission to consider what would really enhance your lives.

Gloster Bay Loveseat

Create a Patio Escape

While you’re head-over-heels for one another, it still takes time to keep the flame alive. Finding quality moments among the business of living is essential. But having a quiet escape makes it easier to do so. Register for the following items to turn your patio into a refuge for the two of you to enjoy, whether you have a few moments or an entire evening.

  • Cozy Love Seat – It goes without saying that having a comfy place to cuddle up is essential. And the best part about love seats is that they fit on nearly every patio. Look for one with deep, plush cushions to provide the maximum in comfort.
  • Solar Lights – Sometimes it can be fun to spend time together in the dark. But for the most part, you’d probably appreciate seeing one another. Solar lights allow you to quickly and easily light up your patio when the sun goes down. Plus, if you register for ones that have delicate teak finishes – like Glost’s Ambient LED Lanterns – your lights will also help dress up your space.
  • Outdoor Bar Wear – There’s a lot to toast when you’re celebrating love. And, make sure you can do so without any hiccups when a cup inevitably drops, opt for outdoor bar wear that’s sturdy.

Automate Your Daily Tasks

Don’t want to fight about who vacuumed last and whose turn it is to feed the dog? Then don’t! Automate your daily tasks. Register for the following two items to take them off your plate, giving you more time to focus on each other.

  • Robot Vacuum – These intuitive robot vacuums map your home and vacuum it on a pre-programmed schedule. You plug them in, spend a little time helping them learn the layout of your pad and occasionally empty them. It’s that easy!
  • Automated Pet Feeder – As much as we all love our fur babies, sometimes feeding them can feel like just one more drain on your time. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. The PetNet SmartFeeder automatically feeds your dog for you. Plus, it has an intuitive app that can connect to your smartphone, so you can always check to make sure everything’s going according to plan.

Memory Catchers

From your honeymoon to the day-to-day of life, there will be a lot of wonderful moments you’ll want to remember. Give yourself the tools to capture and highlight them.

  • Durable Digital Camera – With a durable digital camera, like the GoPro Hero 6, you can easily capture all of your memories on the go and at home.
  • Elegant Picture Frames – Just having a bunch of pictures that get lost in the digital void of your computer and Facebook is nice. But it doesn’t encourage you to re-live those times together. Register for a few elegant picture frames that will allow you to display your images throughout your home.

Looking for a great love seat and a solar lantern to put on your registry? Visit our Seattle or Bellevue store.

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