Seattle Patio Furniture for an Outdoor Oasis

Comfortable patio furniture

We believe a patio can, and should, be more than a concrete slab. Because everyone deserves an outdoor oasis. By turning your outdoor space into a relaxing extension of your home, you can inspire the entire family to ditch their devices and get outside.

Use the following tips to select the perfect outdoor furniture to make your Seattle patio the outdoor destination of your dreams.

Seattle Patio Furniture Your Outdoor Space Will Love

There is a wide variety of patio furniture from which to choose for your Seattle outdoor space. The following suggestions are just some of our favorites.

Gloster Grid Sectional

Make Comfort a Priority with Plush Sectionals

We’ll admit, a large, outdoor sectional isn’t for everyone. In the heart of downtown Seattle, your patio simply might not be big enough to accommodate one. Or, a big lounger might not be your main priority. But, if you have the space and plan to spend some serious time kicking back with a good book or a fancy drink, then a sectional has your name written all over it.

Look for something with deep seats and plush cushions — like Gloster’s Grid Sectional. Not only is this line ultra-comfortable, but it also allows you to easily reconfigure your seating arrangement as needed.

Brown Jordan Parkway Sling

Have Excess Seating on the Ready

Chances are you won’t be hosting a big party every night. But, that doesn’t mean you’ll never want to have people over. Make sure your patio is as ready to toast the night away as you are by having excess seating you can pull out on a moment’s notice.

Look for slim pieces that still deliver plenty of comfort — like Brown Jordan’s Parkway Sling line. These contemporary chairs are sophisticated enough to work well with any décor. The expertly designed frame offers a slim presence that still encourages leisurely conversation, while the sophisticated, clean lines are not visually intrusive.

California Fire Pit

Give Yourself Some Heat

Even at Seattle’s hottest, the evenings can feel a bit chilly. Rather than let the cold send you scampering indoors, warm up your patio. An outdoor fire pit — like the California Fire Pit Tahoe — offers an easy way to create some ambiance and keep you toasty.

For a mess-free alternative, consider a gas fire pit which can quickly and easily be turned on and off. Options like the O.W. Lee Capri Fire Pit are particularly lovely because they offer a dual-purpose addition. Outfitted with a table top, they can be a casual place to set drinks and Hors d'oeuvres while also allowing you to easily make your outdoor space inviting.

Additional Tips for Creating Your Outdoor Oasis in Seattle

Often creating the perfect outdoor oasis takes more than just furniture. Use the following tips to add the ambiance you need to transform your space into the outdoor destination you deserve.

Keep Big Pieces Neutral

Even if you love color, consider selecting big pieces, like your sectional or outdoor dining table, in neutral colors. Neutral colors these big-ticket items remain as timeless as their design. You can then easily – and affordably – dress them up with colorful throw pillows and splashy décor.

Give Yourself Some Privacy with a Screen Planter

Make sure you don’t have to share your outdoor oasis with everyone else in Seattle by giving yourself some privacy. Nearly any kind of wall will get the job done. However, a stone wall or wooden fence can sometimes feel like a bit of a cage. On the other hand, a screen made out of plants offers some intrigue that gives your patio a sense of being bigger and lusher than it may really be. 

Up Your Outdoor Lighting Game

It is a rare evening where you want to sit outside in the dark — whether you’re by yourself or with friends. Don't let the night banish you back inside, make sure to outfit your patio with adequate lighting. This can be done with some simple solar lights. Overhead string lights are another good way to add ambiance to your Seattle patio. You might also find that you enjoy the natural light of candles. Just be sure any lit flame is in a secure location.

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