Small Patio. Huge Style.

Even the smallest patios can offer a luxurious retreat if you know how to outfit them with the right pieces.

You may have big dreams for your patio – luxurious outdoor furniture, impressive lighting, and eccentric décor. But with real estate at a premium in the Seattle area, you may not have the kind of outdoor square footage to fit the bill.

Do you have to put your dreams on hold simply because you haven’t landed your first Magnolia mansion or Belltown penthouse? Nope, not at all! 

We believe even the smallest patios can offer a luxurious retreat. And that’s what you deserve. That’s what we all deserve – an outdoor space where we love to spend time.


Start With Your Outdoor Furniture

No matter how big or small your patio, you’ll need a place to sit. To bring the “cozy” element to your outdoor space, don’t be afraid to incorporate a more substantial piece – like a loveseat with deep-seated cushions. Smaller than a full-scale outdoor couch, a loveseat offers a place for you and a guest to cuddle. At the same time, it has a smaller footprint, allowing you to introduce more seating when guests visit.


Make the Floor Friendly

A dirt or stone floor is cold and hard. It doesn’t evoke a sense of comfort. Cover your patio or deck with an outdoor rug. Not only will this soften the surface, it will allow you to introduce another layer of color and texture to your space.


Utilize the Walls

Just because your outdoor space may be small, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun décor. When square footage is at a premium, the best way to maximize space is going up. Look to your walls as a way to introduce fun décor. Mounting a decorative mirror is one of our favorite options, as the mirror helps expand your space visually.


Light with Moveable Objects

Stationary objects are a small-space killer because they only serve one purpose. Rather, look to lanterns which can be moved and repositioned as necessary. A solar-powered lantern is particularly ideal, as it doesn’t require any messy chords.

Even the smallest patios can offer a luxurious retreat if you know how to outfit them with the right pieces.

I’m Ready to Give My Small Patio Huge Style!