Succulent Arrangements Add Elegance to Your Patio

potting suculents

You typically want the style of your patio to mirror the style of your home. This helps reinforce that your backyard isn’t just a spot outside. Rather – it’s an extension of your living space. This is true whether your home’s style is modern, farmhouse, industrial or traditional.

But regardless of the style, all patios benefit from the same addition – succulents!

These elegant floral arrangements are refreshingly low maintenance. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures. Plus, they can be potted in just about any container. Talk about convenient!

Use these tips and insights to create fabulous succulent arrangements that will liven up your space. 

Succulents are an effortlessly elegant addition to any patio.

Arrange Succulent Displays From Big to Small

Typically, the largest succulent plants will be the most eye-catching. So when you’re starting to build your arrangement, place them first. This will allow you to really consider how the large leaves will play off one another.


Plant in Threes

People gravitate to groups of three. It’s a pleasing number. Try to incorporate this into your arrangement by using three larger succulents and then filling in the space with smaller plants.


Don’t Avoid the Monochromatic Colors

Especially if this is your first foray into planting succulents, consider the monochromatic colors are your friends. They offer a relatively effortless way to create a beautiful finished product.


Infuse Splashes of Color Delicately

If you really want to add a color splash, do so delicately. Consider adding just a few bright succulents. These small pops of color immediately grab the eye.


Let if be the Center of Attention

Succulent arrangements don’t have to be extremely tall. In fact, they are typically shorter than other potted plants. This makes them great centerpieces for your outdoor table because they don’t create a visual barrier between guests.


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