Tasty Margarita Recipes


Some drinks are summer in a glass. They’re the sweetness of the sun and tangy fun of carefree days. They are toasting with friends, lounging, and dancing late into the night. Among those drinks are margaritas – a tasty libation that flirts between sour and sweet. A lovely drink that occasionally dabbles in salt and spice.

While most folks have their own go-to margarita recipe, occasionally it’s fun to mix things up. The following recipes are some of our favorites. Ranging from classic to untraditional, these cocktails will put a little pep in your party.

Strawberry Jalapeno Margarita

Equal parts sweet and spice, these brilliant pink beauties by What’s Gaby Cooking are as eye catching as they are delectable.

Cilantro-Infused Spicy Jalapeno Margaritas

These cilantro-infused margaritas are a particular favorite for taco night. Simple to prepare and loaded with flavor, they pair well with salsa while providing a refreshingly cool sip.

Kiwi Margaritas

Are you on a green eating kick? This Kiwi Margarita recipe is the perfect end to any green-focused diet. Sweet and tangy, these cocktails are so light and bright they’re downright dangerous.

Roasted Strawberry & Rosé Margarita with Coconut Whipped Cream

Hello dessert in a glass! These sweet margs are a little more complex to put together. But they’re totally worth it – especially for a girls date. Topped with coconut whipped cream for a little something extra, they’re on the filling side. So keep snacks light to save room for round two!

Margarita Piquante

Word to the wise, these cocktails are potent. Elevated with floral notes from the elderflower liquor and brightened with lime, you'll be onto your second glass before you know it!

Bonus Tip: Serve your margaritas in plastic outdoor barware. Because sometimes accidents happen and glasses get dropped. You don’t want to compound the spilled drink with broken glass.


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