The Ultimate Backyard Party Games


Awesome backyard parties call for awesome backyard party games. Because while good music and great food are sure to make your guests happy, few things will get your friends and family up and moving faster than a fun game.

Whether it’s a 4th of July get together, summer birthday celebration, family reunion or just-because shindig, make this the best party ever with some (or all) of the following games. Based on our preferences and Amazon reviews, the following games will give you the goods you need.

Boccee Ball

This fabulous travel bocce ball set is great for using in your backyard or taking with you to the park. It stores easily and offers a fun activity for those of all ages.

I come from an Italian family where we take bocce ball very seriously (not as seriously as we take meat balls, but pretty close). Anyway, I have high bocce standards and there are a lot of [terrible] sets out there. This set is perfect regulation size and weight- no complaints from my old school uncles who've been playing for half a century. The carrying case has nice dividers to keep the balls in place, but it's also flexible so it's easy to carry. Overall great in both style and quality - a great buy!

Kan Jam Ultimate Disc Game

Great for people of all ages and abilities, Kan Jam doesn’t require a ton of space to play. And, it can be played with a drink in your hand, which is always a bonus.

To say I was skeptical about buying this would be an understatement. I had about 30 people coming over the house for an all-day bbq and needed some games, so I picked this up. I was pretty sure I would regret spending $40 on two plastic circles and a Frisbee. Surprisingly the material seemed sturdy and the Frisbee had a good feel to it. Even more surprisingly, myself and pretty much everyone at the party played it for almost 8 hours. Would surely recommend to anyone. Great backyard game that doesn't require too much space.

Backyard Champs Wood Cornhole Set

A great cornhole set is sturdy and easy to set up. This one fits the bill perfectly.

This game was super sturdy and a breeze to set up. My family and friends had our own backyard tournament and we had a blast!! There will be many more people purchasing this product as the guys were complimenting the quality of the board and the bags. One of our friends has played in money tournaments for cornhole and he raved about the overall quality of the product. This game is great as we had people play at our house from ages 5 to 85 and everybody loves it. Thank you....thank you....thank you for making a wholesome family game that people can enjoy together!!


Giant Connect 4

With its solid construction and easy-to-use carrying case, this family-friendly game can be great for playing with folks of all ages.

I did extensive research and comparisons before I purchased a giant connect four. I am extremely happy with this connect four! It is fantastic quality and very durable. I think I love and play it more than the kids do.

Maggift Six Player Croquet Set with Carrying Bag

This sturdy croquet set is perfect for multiple players. The course can be made as big or as small as you want. And, it can be paused and resumed at a moment’s notice.

This Croquet set is artfully made and really such a steal for the money you will pay! The sticks and mallets are all made out of durable hard wood and the mallets have a rubber sleeve that goes on each end to help protect the mallet from damage overtime. The balls are on the heavier side, as they should be. They are resistant to weather, so no need to pick them up if you didn't finish your game, same with the wickets. All of this comes in a nice carrying case that can actually handle the weight of the set itself!

Ring Toss

We love how this simple game can be played by everyone. It stores easily and can be set up quickly — which makes it the perfect addition to our outdoor game collection.

Game and case are well made and easy to take with you. Our family has played in the kitchen, yard, while camping, and at the beach/park. It is small, convenient to store, and quick to assemble...I keep it in my car so we always have it on hand. We don't play for hours on end, but this is a great little distraction when the kids (or adults) are bored. My daughter even created different "levels" of play by drawing lines on the driveway that are progressively farther away. It's refreshing to buy from a company that takes pride in their product and knows the value of quality customer service. Highly recommend the product and company!

Giant Jenga

Whether you’re playing or observing, Giant Jenga is entertaining for all. It’s exciting to see if the big tower will fall.

We threw a party for adults and young adults. Juegoal 54 Pieces Giant Tumble Tower Blocks Game Giant Toppling Tower Wood Stacking Game was a HIT! It arrived on time. It came with a cute storage gag and everyone--got a kick out of making the tower fall. It was a hardcore competition. Would recommend. Would buy it again but I won't have to because this looks like it will last for generations. It arrived on time Amazon Prime so no shipping cost.

Ladder Toss

Ladder Toss is a fun alternative to cornhole and Kan Jam. It’s easy to set up and easy to store. Plus, it can be played as quickly or slowly as you’d like so multiple people can get involved.

Ordered this set instead of the other sets for the simple fact that there was a picture comparing the thickness of the piping used for construction. We have a revolving door for a household and are constantly entertaining guests. This has been a great addition to our family of back yard games. The construction is strong and can handle the abuse that comes from being an outdoor game. The packaging is solid along with fast delivery. It even comes with a neat little carrying case for camping trips or whatnot. This item has my seal of approval!

Lawn Twister

Twister is a fun way to get people active. And, this player board does double-duty, offering a picnic blanket. Plus, because the blanket is made of fleece, it’s easier to use than a slippery plastic version.

Cotton terry with metallic water-resistant backing, elastic band/handle, and wee plastic spinner. FUN to use, easier for small children just learning to play, easily carried everywhere. Love it!


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