Tiny Patio Decorating Tips

Tiny Patio Decorating Tips

Yes, here in the Seattle area space is at a premium. If you find yourself with a patio that’s on the small side, that doesn’t mean you have to skip enjoying the outdoors. It simply means you need to get a little creative with how you utilize your space. These tiny patio decorating tips will help you decorate your small so you can create an outdoor oasis you and your guests will love. 


Use Multi-Functional Pieces

When space is limited, multi-functional pieces ensure life isn’t. Items like small patio tables that double as stools allow you to increase your seating instantly. Additionally, consider skipping the huge patio loungers. While these bulky pieces do offer a level of comfort that rivals your sofa, they take up A LOT of space. Rather, select a few slimmer chairs equipped with comfort in mind. Add a few pillows and a blanket and you’ll be asking, “Lounger what?”


Incorporate Bursts of Color

In a small space it doesn’t take a lot to accessorize. A bright table topper or a few fun throw pillows can jazz up your space by infusing it with color.


Light that Baby Up

Lighting adds atmosphere. It takes your patio party from a college frat night to a classy evening with pals. Outdoor lanterns are nice, but if you don’t have room consider outdoor string lights. These easy to hang additions don’t take any valuable floor space, but add all kinds of va va voom.


Create Zones

Defining your space can help you fully realize just how much you have. Consider creating a clear lounge area and garden area. If you have room, you might even create a designated bar. Rather than simply enjoying your patio, you’ll be able to enjoy lounging on your patio, gardening on your patio, and visiting your patio bar.


Here at Summer House we carry a variety of space-friendly outdoor furniture. If you’re looking to decorate your tiny patio, stop by our Seattle or Bellevue stores to peruse your options.