Turn Your Backyard into Your Private Sanctuary

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Where do you go to relax and clear your mind? With the current need for social distancing and sheltering at home, the answer to that question can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. 

With the right touches, you can turn your outdoor space into your own private sanctuary. And with online shopping, you can do so from the comfort of your home. 

Not only does spending time on your patio help you get fresh air, it can treat you to the sounds of nature; surround you with green, a color scientists have found promotes relaxation; and it encourages you to garden, an activity that can boost your health.   

3 Essential Elements of a Private Outdoor Sanctuary

Create your own private outdoor space with the following key elements.

1. Comfortable Seating

A large outdoor sectional is certainly a nice landing zone for stretching out. But for many, like those living in downtown Seattle, such a big piece just doesn’t fit. Often what fits most places, is a loveseat or reclining lounge chair.

To maximize comfort, select one with deep seats and plush cushions — like the ones in Gloster’s Ventura Seating collection. Not only is this line ultra-comfortable, but it’s constructed from sturdy, weather-resistant teak and features a classic look that compliments a wide range of architectural designs. 

2. Outdoor Table

While you probably don’t need a 10-seat outdoor patio table at this exact moment, having a place to set your coffee or glass of wine is key. End tables certainly make comfy chairs more enjoyable.

Gloster’s Raw Table/Stools offer an elegant solution that accents your outdoor décor. With their natural finish these kiln-dried end-tables double as stools, offering extra seating at a future date. 

3. Lighting

Whether the evening is a party of one or you’re with your partner and kids, sitting in the dark is typically reserved for meteor showers and epic full moons. Having an outdoor light source allows you to keep enjoying your patio even after the sun has set.

We are partial to the Fermod Balad LED Light. It is easy to charge. It can be placed on top of a table or hung from a stand. And, its fun style adds a bit of modern pop to your sanctuary.

Extra Ways to Maximize Your Patio

Outdoor Firepit

Even during Seattle’s warmest months, the evenings can feel a bit chilly. Rather than let the cold banish you back indoors, warm up your outdoor space with a fire pit. 

Gas fire pits, like the O.W. Lee Capri Fire Pits, offer a mess-free way to quickly and easily enjoy a fire. These beautiful fire pits feature elegant tabletops in a variety of porcelain finishes, offering a dual-purpose addition to your space.

Use Plants to Bring Some Life

Not only can plants brighten up a space, gardening can be a therapeutic activity for the body and the mind. One of the easiest solutions is container gardening, as it's space-friendly. It also gives you the flexibility to rearrange your space as needed.  

Container gardens can feature a wide variety of edible and ornamental plants. The key is to be aware of how much space your plants will need when they reach full maturity. Depending on what you choose to plant and how much space its roots system needs, you might need to re-plant this year or in future years.

Discover the essentials you will need to make your container gardening a success. 

Add Shade

While vitamin D can be good for your spirits, too much can be harmful to your skin. Don’t let the sun banish you indoors like a cold night. A patio umbrella can offer you protection from the sun’s harmful rays. 

One of our favorite patio umbrellas is Treasure Garden’s 11-foot Octagonal Market Umbrella. Outfitted with a collar tilt mechanism, it allows you to reposition your shade without even standing.

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