What are the Best Patio Umbrellas?

How to Pick the Perfect Patio Umbrella

The perfect patio umbrella isn’t just about function. It should also add beauty to your outdoor space.

When you’re shopping for an umbrella for your Seattle patio, there are a variety of factors to consider ranging from the size you need to where it will be placed. You’ll also want to consider what mechanism will be used to raise the canopy, what fabric will be selected, and any additional features you may want.

Do You Need a Patio Umbrella?

You might be wondering if you really need a patio umbrella? The first two questions to ask yourself are: Do you have a patio? Do you like to spend time on your patio when it’s sunny?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you’ll greatly appreciate having a patio umbrella. Not only does it provide protection from overexposure to the sun, but it can make your time on your patio more enjoyable. Because the last thing you want is to be banished back inside simply to escape from the sun.

5 of Our Favorite Patio Umbrellas

We recognize that not all patio umbrellas are created equal. That’s why at Summer House we’ve carefully curated a selection that’s focused on delivering the perfect mix of function and beauty.

Treasure Garden 7.5’ Octagonal Market Umbrella

This medium market umbrella is ideal for popping open quickly on your patio and/or setting in a bistro table. The tilting mechanism gives you more flexibility to adjust the shade as the sun moves. And, the all-aluminum pole is powder-coated to protect it against the elements.
It utilizes a hand crank mechanism and a push-button tilt. Fully open, it spans 39-square-feet.
Pros: Simple design. Easy to use features. Sturdy and durable frame.

Treasure Garden 10’ Shanghai Umbrella

This elegant Asian-inspired patio umbrella offers the ultimate in design flair and function. The 10-foot canopy offers up to 70-square-feet of shade. The 24-fiberglass rib support system echos the umbrella’s namesake city — Shanghai.

It’s equipped with a collar tilt technology that allows you to easily tilt the umbrella as needed.

Pros: Elegant design. Ultra-sturdy frame.

Kingsley Bate 10′ Teak Market Umbrella

For centuries shipbuilders have been using teak to construct durable vessels and furniture that can withstand a pounding from Mother Nature. And as outdoor patio furniture has become increasingly more popular, this same knowledge has served patio furniture designers well. Plus, teak delivers an elegant and timeless look that complements nearly all aesthetic preferences.

That’s why this generously proportioned Kingsley Bate 10-foot Teak Market Umbrella is such a popular choice. It delivers a wonderful mix of beauty and function. It’s opened and closed using a pully system and it’s outfitted with a Sunbrella® fabric canopy for superior fade resistance.

Pros: Elegant design. East-to-open.

Treasure Garden 6’ Octagonal Market Umbrella

Even small patios need some shade, which is one of the reasons we love Treasure Garden’s 6-foot Octagonal Market Umbrella. The smallest of the outdoor umbrellas we carry, it’s slimmed down canopy allows it to easily function in smaller spaces.

The pushbutton tilt allows for maximum shade flexibility. Which the powder-coated pole is lightweight enough that it can be repositioned as needed.

Pro: Space-friendly. Easy to move. Simple to use.

Treasure Garden 10’x13′ Rectangle Cantilever Umbrella

One of the largest patio umbrellas on the market, Treasure Garden’s 10-foot by 13-foot rectangle cantilever umbrella offers the ultimate in coverage. It features a 360-degree rotation, allowing you easily shade one section of your patio and then another at a moment’s notice. This is particularly ideal when you have more than one space within their patio, such as a seating area and a dining area.

The all-aluminum pole is powder-coated and available in multiple finishes. Plus, the canopy cover comes in a variety of color selections — letting you easily select one to match your existing patio décor.

Pro: Large coverage with 360-degree rotation.

Maintaining Your Patio Umbrella

Because of a patio umbrella’s design, with its sail-like top and narrow pole, it requires a sturdy base to stay in place. That being said, even the sturdiest of bases can sometimes fail to secure your umbrella in a big wind storm.

When your umbrella is not in use, it’s always a good idea to have it shut. You might also consider taking it down to reduce wear and tear.

We also recommend storing your umbrella for the winter, as this will help it last for more seasons. Furthermore, do not put it away wet. You always want to allow the fabric of the canopy time to dry completely, to eliminate mold from growing within the folds.

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