What to Consider When Buying a Fire Pit 

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Don’t let a few crisp fall days keep you from enjoying your patio. With a fire pit, your outdoor space can be a multi-season extension of your home. Not only do fire pits add warmth, they also add ambiance and act as a natural beacon for gathering friends and loved ones.

For centuries, folks have gathered around fires to share stories, tell jokes, and enjoy a warm meal. That hasn’t changed. Fire pits still spark creativity and discussion. They invite you to relax and unwind. They bring a sense of comfort that is hard to replicate.

But, not all fire pits are equal. Depending on your needs, some are better than others. To make sure you get fire pit you will use and enjoy, consider these factors.

3 Questions to Consider When Choosing Your Outdoor Fire Pit

1. What Style Works for Your Patio?

Planning to host a backyard luau? Fantastic! Grab some shovels from the garage and start digging. If, however, you aren’t interested in making a huge pit into the middle of your garden to roast a pig, you will probably want to consider what style fire pit will work best with your outdoor space.

Why is the style so important? Because a fire pit often becomes the focal point. Styles range widely from simple metal to elaborate, multi-functional fire pits. These are the three most common types of fire pits:

  • Dining Table Fire Pits – Tall enough to fit regular chairs, dining table fire pits feature a built-in fire pit at the center of the table. Often these fire pits can be covered when not in use, giving you even more functional tabletop space.
  • Coffee Table Fire Pits – Like a dining table fire pit, a coffee table fire pit features a table with an in-set fire bit. Shorter in height, these fire pits are designed to work with loungers and outdoor sofas.
  • Stand-Alone Fire Pits – As the name would suggest, a stand-alone fire pit stands alone. It is not surrounded by a tabletop buffer. This can offer a cleaner, more outdoorsy look for your outdoor space.

2. Does Your City and Neighborhood Allow You to Burn Wood?

Wood burning fire pits should not be used on covered patios or porches. You will also want to avoid wood burning fire pits in extremely windy locations or places with low hanging branches. Furthermore, it is advisable to check your homeowner’s association rules and city or country rules to make sure outdoor wood burning fire pits are permitted.

fire pit dining table

3. Did You Decide Against Wood? Do You Want Propane or Gas?

If wood is permitted, it may be you still don’t want to deal with the mess or work associated lighting and maintaining a wood burning fire. Propane and gas both allow you to have instant heat that can be extinguished at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, propane and gas both require little to no cleaning.

If you don’t have a natural gas line, propane will be your logical choice. One of the upsides to this is it is easy to relocate your fire pit when you want. However, propane tanks will need to be replaced periodically. Alternatively, a natural gas line allows you to constantly have access to gas. This keeps things simple and easy.

Four Additional Ways to Make Your Patio Even More Inviting During the Fall

Add Light

A fire pit alone often won’t provide enough light to make the space a completely inviting one. Consider adding some outdoor string lights to brighten up your space.

Keep the Fixings for Warm Drinks on Hand

Mittens are nice, but few things warm the hands fasterthan a cup of something toasty. This is why we are big fans of having the fixings for one (or a few) easy to make hot drinks on hand.

Have Blankets Handy

As obvious as it sounds, wrapping up in a blanket instantly makes the evening cozier. Keep a few warm, plush blankets easily accessible that you and your guests can use as desired.

Make it Dog-Friendly

Remember, your fur baby will likely want to be outside with you. Make sure the patio is a space where they are comfortable. Especially during the cooler nights, this often means giving them their own place to land.