What to Know About Seaside Casual

seaside casual patio furniture

Seaside Casual combines the elegance of traditional design with the durability of modern materials. The result is a beautiful addition to Seattle patios that can withstand the wet and cool environment Mother Nature brings our way. 

11 Reasons to Love Seaside Casual Furniture

There are a variety of choices when it comes to your Seattle patio. Seaside casual happens to be one of our favorites. These are just some of the reasons why. 

1. Seaside Casual Pati Furniture is Beautiful

Let’s make no mistake about it, aesthetic matter. You want your outdoor space to be a place that’s visually pleasing to spend time. This collection of Adirondack chairs does just that. 

2. Seaside Casual is Made in the USA

Seaside Casual’s roots date back to 1911 — when the company’s family founded the Arnold Lumber Company. In 1996, the family started making a few Adirondack chairs. A hobby of sorts, the local community loved the chairs so much, they began producing more — right here in the good old USA. 

3. Seaside Casual’s Furniture is Eco-Friendly

In 1999, the company introduced a new material known as Envirowood. This High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is made from recycled plastic bottles and containers, allowing materials that may have ended up in a landfill to be given a second life. 


Envirowood is permeated with UV stabilized pigments that provide a smooth and durable finish that resists fading and prevents chalking. 

4. Seaside Casual Patio Furniture is Made with Indoor Comfort

Patio furniture has a rap for being uncomfortable. And with good reason. Many of the outdoor sectionals, chairs, and loungers aren’t designed with comfort in mind. Seaside Casual’s roots began as chairs the designer wanted to sit in. They use the same principle today, using the same specification to build their collection of outdoor furniture as indoor furniture companies utilize. 

5. Seaside Casual Outdoor Furniture is Built with Stainless Fasteners

It’s one thing for the legs and seat of an outdoor chair to be built with materials that can withstand Mother Nature. But if the fasters are prone to break down, the chair can quickly become unusable. 


This is not the case with Seaside Casual. Their outdoor furniture is made with marine-grade stainless steel fasteners. Unlike low-grade stainless steel or painted fasteners, the marine-grade stainless makes their patio furniture superior at withstanding the elements. 

6. Seaside Casual’s Perfectly Spaced Slats Deliver Extra Comfort

One of the most common issues with Adirondak chairs is the slats. Place them too far apart, and you feel like you may fall through the back of the chair. Place them too close together, and it can feel like your ‘resting’ against a wood plan. Seaside Casual has perfected their slat spacing to deliver the ultimate in comfort and support. 

7. Seaside Casual Cushions Are Custom-Made with Sunbrella Fabrics

Sunbrella fabric is the premier fabric for outdoor use. It repels water, is stain resistant, and it’s fade resistant. Designed to last, it offers stunning, bright colors that stay true to tone day after day. 

8. Seaside Casual Patio Furniture is Built Solid

The entire collection of Seaside Casual patio furniture is built with durability in mind. Critical components of the frames are reinforced by structural aluminum. And any pieces made from lumber are made with HDPE lumber that is specially designed to withstand changes in temperature and loads. 

9. Seaside Casual Tests Their Outdoor Furniture Constantly

To ensure their designs keep meeting expectations, Seaside Casual is deeply committed to testing. During the design phase, the ergonomics of each chair are carefully considered to maximize comfort. Additionally, the product is tested as it is produced to ensure quality. 

10. Seaside Casual Patio Furniture Doesn’t Have Unfinished Sides

Some patio furniture manufacturers will only finish the side that is intended to be sat on. This leaves the unfished material open to the elements. Furthermore, it can make for an unpolished look. Every surface of a Seaside Casual piece is fully finished, ensure that even without patio furniture cushions, you will be comfortable sitting. 

11. Seaside Casual Backs Their Product with a 20-Year Warranty

Seaside Casual doesn’t just talk the talk. They stand behind their product, ensuring a 20-year warranty on their entire line of patio furniture.