What to Look for in a Patio Set with Swivel Chairs

swivel chairs with fire pit

From maximizing a small Seattle home patio to creating an inviting environment for conversation, patio sets with swivel chairs offer the comfort and functionality to offer all that and more. 

Are outdoor swivel chairs the most common seating you’ll find when searching or a patio set? Definitely not. Outdoor sectionals, outdoor dining tables, and patio furniture sets with fire pits are much more common. 

But that doesn’t mean you should overlook this ultra-comfortable seating solution. 

Outdoor Swivel Chair FAQ

The following questions are some of the most common we encounter from those looking at patio swivel chairs. 

What is a Patio Swivel Chair?

Patio swivel chairs, sometimes called spinny or revolving chairs, are chairs that have a central leg attached to a wider, heavy base. The central leg allows the chair to rotate to the left or right, 360 degrees. 

Generally, patio swivel chairs are made of heavier material, such as cast aluminum and wrought iron. This additional weight helps make them sturdier.  

What is the Purpose of a Swivel Chair in the Backyard?

Traditionally, swivel chairs are seen in smaller living rooms, vans, and trailers where there isn’t a large amount of floor real estate. Outdoor swivel chairs are prized for their ability to make it easier to sit at a patio table without physically moving the chair. 

Why Buy Swivel Chairs?

Outdoor swivel chairs allow you to quickly reorient your seating setup to utilize different ‘zones’ on your balcony or patio. This makes them an extremely functional solution to your outdoor space. Additionally, they can promote a healthier conversation dynamic as they allow you to easily shift your body’s orientation to face the speaker directly. 

Are There Patio Furniture Sets with Fire Pits and Swivel Chairs?

There are patio furniture sets with fire pits and swivel chairs. Alternatively, you might consider buying a set of patio swivel chairs and a fire pit independently. Often this is the preferred choice, as it allows you to select the features in a swivel chair that are important and the features in an outdoor fire pit that are important to you. 

Do Swivel Chairs Come with Cushions?

Because outdoor swivel chairs are typically made from cast aluminum or wrought iron, they are often outfitted with cushions. For your chairs to be as comfortable as possible, you want to look for chairs that welcome over-stuffed deep-seated cushions. 

Also keep in mind that cushions can be replaced. This means if you find a chair that you love, but you don’t like the cushion, you’re not stuck. You can buy new cushions. You can also buy new cushions when you want to change the look and feel of your patio. This can be a really affordable way to change up your outdoor decor without replacing all of your furniture. 

What Materials Are Swivel Chairs Generally Made Of?

Generally, swivel chairs are made of heavier materials, like cast aluminum and wrought iron. However, you can find patio swivel chairs in any material you wish, including woven chairs. Woven patio swivel chairs are particularly prized when they are incorporated into an outdoor lounge situation in a climate that can experience high heat. This is because woven materials don’t retain heat at the same level as their metal counterparts.

3 of Our Favorite Patio Furniture Sets with Swivel Chairs

swivel chairs with table

The following are just a few of our favorite patio furniture sets with swivel chairs. 

Ratana Palm Harbor Seating

Ratana’s Palm Harbor features a gently curved back and generous cushions for maximum comfort. Handwoven premium resin is wrapped over a rust-proof aluminum frame, making for longevity that equals its beauty. Gently curved armrests offer additional comfort. 

Hanamint Tuscany Dining

The old-world style of the Tuscany collection brings enduring elegance and charm to any patio. Pair with Hanamint's unique inlaid Lazy Susan table for family dining or the bistro table for a more intimate space. Alternatively, select the counter height swivel chairs and let your view, unfettered by railings, inspire daydreams of your favorite outdoor cafe.

Tropitone Samba Dining

Starting from Tropitone’s classic Brasilia design, a process of top-to-bottom reinvention culminates with the Samba collection. Thoroughly updated, Samba is visually striking, incredibly comfortable, and continues to be crafted to perform across generations.

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