When Should You Replace Your Outdoor Furniture

outdoor furniture at sunset

Nothing lasts forever, except perhaps twinkies. And twinkies don’t make very good furniture or home fixtures. Over time everything in your home needs to be replaced. Wallpaper. Floorboards. Decks patios. Even the sturdiest, longest-lasting patio furniture will wear and need to be updated eventually.

The lifespan of outdoor patio furniture depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • Material
  • Craftsmanship
  • Climate
  • Frequency of Use
  • Care and Maintenance 

All of these factors can cause your furniture to last anywhere from a few months to multiple decades. At Summer House, our collection of durable and elegant patio furniture has been carefully curated with the Pacific Northwest in mind.

What is the Lifespan of Outdoor Furniture?

One of the primary factors that affect the lifespan of your outdoor furniture is the material. You want to make sure you consider how the material of your patio furniture will hold up to the wind, rain, snow, grime, and sun in the Seattle area.


Natural wicker offers a timeless woven look. Unfortunately, the natural fibers can easily breakdown when exposed to the elements. Extreme cold and heat can make them brittle. Excess moisture can cause them to rot.

This is why we carry an all resin wicker. It offers that same classic beauty, with an ultra-durable construction that won’t fade or breakdown when exposed to the elements.


The lifespan of wood patio furniture is dependent on the type of wood. Generally speaking, the harder the wood, the longer the furniture all last.

Teak is an extremely hardwood, with oils that are naturally resistant to rotting, breaking and insects. It has been a go-to solution for the maritime industry and outdoor patio furniture builders for centuries.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is a popular option for outdoor patio furniture, thanks to its ability to be handcrafted into ornate shapes. But keep in mind, it is not naturally water-resistant and can rust if exposed to moisture.


Aluminum offers a modern, longer-lasting alternative. It is resistant to water damage. We carry a powder-coated aluminum that offers another layer of protection, while also providing a more classic wrought iron-like look.


Plastic can be an incredibly affordable outdoor patio solution. But keep in mind, many of those low-cost pieces are quick to break, even from just daily use.

Higher-end plastic patio furniture tends to be made from recycled material, like our Seaside Casual line. These durable pieces offer elegance and an eco-friendly footprint. 

3 Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Outdoor Furniture

Some folks replace their outdoor furniture when they are ready for a new look and feel in their outdoor space. This is a good reason and one we fully support. 

But we also know many individuals are looking to invest in high-quality pieces that they will use for years to come — something we also fully support. In cases such as this, we understand the desire to use your outdoor furniture for as long as possible. But even still, there are some clear signals it is time to go shopping:

1. Creaking

Are you starting to notice a new creak when you sit in one (or all) of your chairs? This is a very big signal that your chairs are starting to break down. And, no one wants to be the final guineapig who thinks they are about to sit in a comfortable chair only to have it crash beneath them. 

2. Listing

Listing is another signal that your patio furniture is beginning to break down. Rather than wait until it crashes under a cocktail glass, it is best to replace it now.

3. Rust or Mold

Without the proper care and maintenance, rust and mold can build up on your patio furniture and not be removable. This can cause the furniture to breakdown and eventually become unsafe. 

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