Why Buy a Patio Loveseat?

patio loveseat

Patio loveseats are the perfect way to turn a small outdoor space into a comfortable refuge. While taking up less floor real estate, they can offer the same plush cushions and supportive frames as full-size sectionals. 

All too often, we see city balconies and petite patios left unused, like the forlorn stepchild of a home. But even in the drizzly Pacific Northwest, there’s something innately wonderful about being outside — no matter the season. Sure, you may want to skip the wind and rain. But those crips late fall days, when the air is clear and sunsets brilliant, are out of this world. 

But heading outside to stand around or sit on rickety lawn chairs is not a recipe for happiness. To make your outdoor space a true extension of your home, it needs to be comfortable as your home. 

4 Reasons to Buy a Patio Loveseat

Which outdoor furniture is right for you can vary widely based on the size of your outdoor space and the way you want to use it. Is buying a patio loveseat the right decision for everyone? No. But the following outlines four of the best reasons to add one of these comfortable seats to your home. 

1. Patio Loveseats are Space Friendly

We don’t have to tell you how expensive real estate is these days. In April of 2021, the average cost per square foot in the Seattle area was $333.29, which was up 12% year-over-year. At the time, Seattle was the sixth most expensive city in the United States — and prices have done nothing but increase. 

A balcony or patio is a luxury not to be wasted. But outfitting it with a patio dining table or outdoor sectional might not even be an option. Patio loveseats, on the other hand, are typically half to a third of the size. This allows you to add a comfortable outdoor lounger to a much smaller space. 

2. Patio Loveseats Can Serve Multiple Purposes

We love a good alfresco dinner as much as the next Seattleite. But if your outdoor space isn’t large enough to fit a patio dining table, consider repurposing your loveseat and a small coffee table. 

Will this be as formal as a traditional table and chairs experience? Probably not. But it’s a lovely alternative, especially for a meal when you plan to linger.

3. Patio Loveseats Welcome Additional Furniture

Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles we see customers face is feeling like a loveseat pigeonholes their entertaining abilities. Yes, a loveseat is designed to comfortably fit a party of two — and an intimate party at that.

However, there is absolutely no reason a loveseat can’t be paired with other furniture. We often recommend keeping some extra seating in the wings to pull out for larger parties. These could include:

  • Overstuff floor pillows
  • Stackable chairs
  • Sturdy end tables that double as stools
  • Folding chairs

4. Comfortable Patio Loveseats Can Be a Refuge

Like any outdoor furniture, not all patio loveseats a built equally. Some are substantially more comfortable and better built than others. And in the patio furniture world, which has to withstand Mother Nature, you get what you pay for. 

Could you buy something inexpensive from a big box store? Sure. Will it be as comfortable or last as long? Not likely. 

The beauty of a well-made outdoor couch is that it’s as comfortable to sit in as your indoor furniture for years to come. The carefully curated selection of outdoor furniture at Summer House Patio is selected to offer extreme durability, beauty, and comfort. 

Stop by our Seattle or Bellevue stores to peruse our collection of outdoor patio loveseats.