Why Choose All-Weather Wicker


Ultra-durable, all-weather wicker is as elegant as it is low-maintenance.

Wicker furniture was traditionally made from rattan – a natural fiber that can be woven around seat frames to create a sturdy seat with a little give. Unfortunately, rattan can be hard to maintain. It’s susceptible to fading in the sun and rotting due to moisture. And, experiencing extremes in heat during the summer and cold during the winter can cause it to break and crack over time. 

Alternatively, all-weather wicker gives you the same elegant look as traditional wicker furniture without any of the headache.

All-weather wicker is impervious to the sun, rain, heat, and cold.

For example, consider our collection of Kingsley Bate woven seating. The frames are built from rustproof aluminum. This allows these pieces to be exposed to the elements without incurring any damage.

All-weather wicker is then woven around the frame, mimicking the same elegant patterns as were used with rattan. Made from resin wicker, the all-weather wicker won’t fade in the fun. It isn’t susceptible to small insects and pests. It won’t rot from moisture. And if it if gets dirty, all-weather wicker can be cleaned with a mild dish soap and soft bristle brush.


All-Weather Wicker Collections We Love

With its extra large frame, Kingsley Bate’s Sag Harbor collection is a bit larger than traditional wicker furniture. We like its hefty size, especially its broad arms that are perfect for relaxing.

Putting a modern twist to traditional wicker, Patio Renaissance’s Geenville sectional has clean lines and deep cushion seats. We particularly love how the pieces can be rearranged to provide you an array of seating options.

As thought plucked from a seaside cottage, Summer Classics’ Rustic collection offers deep seats and high backs for an elegant lounger that invites you to spend hours enjoying the outdoors.


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