Why Fire Pits are Essential for Seattle Patios

staying warm by a fire pit

The comfort and warmth provided by fire pits allow you to make your outdoor space a multi-season extension of your home.

In the Seattle area, fall and winter often drive us back indoors with their cooler temperatures. But what about those of us who love spending time outside. While you may mourn the loss of summer’s long days, you don’t have to retreat behind closed doors. 

An outdoor fire pit can be used throughout the year to create a warm beacon that transforms a dreary Pacific Northwest outdoor space into a luxury retreat.

7 Reasons to Add an Outdoor Fire Pit to Your Patio

While the reasons to love an outdoor fire pit are numerous, we’ve narrowed it down to our top seven. 

1. Fire Pits Add Ambiance

Like lighting candles or stringing bistro lights throughout your yard, a fire pit provides a visual warmth to your space. There is an inherent sense of closeness that a firepit evokes, dating back to the oldest of times when it acted as a community gathering space. 

2. Fire Pits Offer a Source of Light

Want to tell a guest you’re ready for them to go home? Turn out the lights. Just don’t be surprised if they don’t want to visit again. Why? Because light is one of the most welcoming signals you can offer. 

In addition to being visually cozy, fire pits help light up your space, letting friends and family know they are welcome. 

3. Fire Pits Are Fun

Make no mistake about it, pretty much everyone has an obsession with fire. Whether you just love to watch the flames or you like the opportunity to stick something inside of them, fire pits are just fun. 

This can be especially true if you get a wood-burning fire pit. At its most basic level, stocking the fire to watch logs burn can be rewarding. But best of all is using your wood-burning firepit to make something, like s’mores or a giant Oreo skillet cookie. 

Discover why we love wood-burning California fire pits and three of our favorite outdoor fire pit recipes. 

4. Fire Pits Turn Your Patio a Multi-Season Space

When you’re thinking, ‘Brrr, it’s cold outside,’ it’s time to light up your fire pit. The extra warmth provided can be the difference between sitting outside shivering and feeling comfortable. 

To make your outdoor space even more enjoyable, consider keeping a few blankets on hand. This can be especially helpful for those extra cold nights when you’ve invited friends and family to gather. 

drinking wine by the fire

5. Fire Pits are Romantic

Want to cuddle up with your honey? A fire pit offers something special to your romantic evenings. Whether you’re just snuggling up to chat or you’re sharing a warm spiced cocktail, there’s nothing quite like staying toasty with the one you love. 

6. Fire Pits Offer an Alternative Cooking Surface

Don’t just assume fire pits are only for sweet treats. You can use them to cook a variety of things, including your morning eggs and bacon. The trick is to have a heavy-duty cast iron pan that can handle being set on or close to the flames. 

7. Fire Pits Can Double as Tables

Tabletop fire pits are one of our favorite styles, as they offer a multi-functional solution to your outdoor space. With a tabletop fire pit, a ledge is built around your fire pit, creating a surface where you can place everything from drinks and accessories to dinner plates and extra lighting. 

Explore our selection of outdoor fire pits. 


Additional Tips

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Few things say “summer fun” like roasting s’mores. There is just something about the open fire pit and sweet gooey sugar treats that draw a jovial crowd to your Seattle patio. Because when a fire-scorched marshmallow makes a luscious piece of chocolate start to melt between two graham crackers — everyone’s inner-kid smiles with delight.

Don’t Let a Little Chilly Weather Keep You Indoors

With the right planning, even a chilly, rainy night doesn’t have to drive you and your friends indoors. In fact, you might find that a bit of changing skies adds a little mood to your evening.