Why Should I Buy Patio Furniture Near Me?

outdoor sectional

The best patio furniture is as comfortable as it is beautiful, which means you need to sit in it beforeyou bring it home.

There is this idea that patio furniture is something you can buy on a whim. Measure a space. See something that looks nice online. Order it. And there you go.

The only problem is, pictures don’t tell the whole story. Colors can be distorted. Quality doesn’t translate. And comfort is impossible to tell until you are actually sitting in a chair or on an outdoor sofa.

Sure, there are a lot of places you can buy patio furniture online. And doing so may save you a buck or two. But if that new sectional isn’t quite right, sending it back can be a headache (to say the least). 

7 Reasons to Buy Patio Furniture Locally

In addition to supporting your community, there are a variety of advantages to shopping in-person, at a local patio furniture shop.

1. You Can Make Sure You Are Choosing Comfortable Patio Furniture

You want to spend some time actually sitting on any chair, couch or sectional to see if it is comfortable. Because remember, your body is unique. Your preferences are too. 

Some individuals like chairs with straight backs and some like chairs with a bit more of a recline. You might prefer extra deep cushions or you could find that a sling-back seat delivers just the right amount of give. The key is to try the chairs and sofas in advance.

Learn more about how to choose comfortable patio furniture. 

2. You Can Visualize How it Will Look in Your Space

One of the best ways to visualize how things will look in a space is to actually see them. Is the coffee table as big as you think it will be? Does the chair have as high of a back as you had hoped? How far will the patio umbrella really spread over your lounge chair?

3. You Can See the Colors First-Hand

Have you ever ordered a red jacket only to have it arrive and be rust orange? Colors can be deceiving — both in catalogs and online. From the outdoor cushions to the structures, seeing the material in person lets you accurately color match to your space. 

4. You Can Feel & Inspect the Quality

If you have ever been house hunting, you know first hand that there are the pictures and then there is real life. As beautiful as an outdoor sofa or outdoor dining table may look online, there is no guarantee it will meet your quality expectations when it arrives. 

Shopping in-person allows you to personally inspect the quality. Remember, this is an investment you hope to use for years to come. 

5. You Can Mix-and-Match Pieces Before Buying

Depending on your taste, you may not want all of your patio furniture to match perfectly. There is an eclectic beauty in mixing and matching materials and pieces from different lines or manufacturers. 

Buying patio furniture from a store near you, allows you to see how those different pieces look together before you bring them home. 

6. You Can Test Out Different Arrangements

One of the beauties of outdoor living spaces are all the options. When you aren’t battling hardwood floors, carpet, and walls, it is much easier to rearrange your furniture. This makes it really easy to create a big gathering place for one evening and then shift to an intimate destination for the next. 

Purchasing your patio furniture from a Seattle or Bellevue store allows you to test out different arrangements before you buy. 

7. You Don’t Have to Wait for Long Shipping Delays

Even in the best of times, it could take a while for patio furniture to be delivered from online retailers. In the last year-plus, shipping delays have grown exponentially. Between disruptions to the supply chain, an increase in consumer demand, and an increase in overall expenses — it can take months to receive your outdoor furniture. 

At Summer House, we carry a large supply of high-quality, in-stock patio furniture that can be delivered to your home by our experienced team. 

Ready to shop in person? Stop by our Seattle or Bellevue retail locations. And if you want to shop virtually, set up a real-time call, where we can walk you through our showroom virtually.