Your 3 Step Guide to Protecting Your Patio Furniture this Winter

3 Steps to protect your outdoor patio furniture

During the summer here in Seattle, your outdoor furniture gets used a lot. During the winter, it's a different story. When it's cold and wet, the chances of you lounging outdoors are slim.

Unfortunately, the harsh weather is also incredibly hard on your patio furniture. To ensure your furniture is in tip-top shape next summer, it’s essential you properly protect it.

Use this 3 step guide to show your outdoor patio furniture the TLC it needs. 


1. Clean & Dry

Dirt and moisture can attract bugs and allow mold to take hold. This can turn your patio furniture from beautiful to gross in a heartbeat.

Proper cleaning varies depending on the material. In most cases, your patio furniture can be cleaned using water or water and a mild dish soap. Once you have cleaned your furniture, allow it to dry completely. To speed up the process, you might consider wiping it down with a microfiber cloth.


2. Treat

Once your furniture is clean and dry, you’ll want to treat it with a protective coat. This coat can vary depending on the material. Aluminum and plastic typically benefit from a thin coat of wax. With teak, you will often want to use mineral oil.


3. Cover

Last, but definitely not least, you will want to cover your furniture. This step is one of the most important. Even if you are storing your patio furniture in a shed or garage, it can get coated in dust and grime. By covering your furniture with a waterproof, protective layer, you will help limit moisture and keep dirt at bay.


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