10 Fabulous Tips for Throwing a Fall Party on Your Patio

throwing fall leaves

The leaves are starting to turn and the air has become crisp with fall. While we love a good summer BBQ, we’re also pretty pumped to celebrate this colorful season. 

For some it might seem like now’s the time to head indoors. But we relish being outside this time of year, when we can infuse a little extra comfort and warmth into our décor. 

Simple Ways to Make Your Fall Party Fabulous

Use some of all of the following tips to throw a fabulous fall party on your patio!

Give Your Table a Harvest Theme

Dress up your outdoor table with a fun floral runner that features a mix of greenery and autumn-colored flowers. Add tall taper candles for a bit of ambiance. And, bring out your pretty stemware to make the table feel celebratory. 

Give Your Silverware Holder an Upgrade

Think silverware has to be ho-hum? Think again. All you need is some candy corn and a mason jar to instantly give your forks a bit of fall flare. 

Add Ambiance to Your Fire Pit

Love a good outdoor fire pit session? Those warm nights don’t have to end during fall. In fact, you can take them to the next level. Swap your traditional chairs for a ring of hay bales to dress up your fire pit with a fun seasonal touch. 

Turn a Pumpkin into a Chalkboard

Whether it’s a drink list or a buffet menu, let your guests know what they’re getting by turning a large pumpkin into a DIY chalkboard. Simply paint the pumpkin with chalkboard paint, let it dry, and the write down your menu. This is a fun way to add some visual interest to a buffet table. 

Make it a S’mores Party

Planning to have a fire pit lit? Make the party even more special by having s’mores! The toasted marshmallow treats are ones those of all ages will love. And, they’re an easy way to turn dessert into an activity! (Get our essential guide for throwing a s’mores party.)

Serve a Fall-Inspired Cocktail

This fun fall-inspired Apple Cider Bourbon Cocktail features a cinnamon-sugar rim and a fun sprig of rosemary. Plus, bourbon gives it a warm finish that’ll keep your guests toast!

Set up a Hot Chocolate Bar

A hot chocolate par is another fun way to help your guests warm up. Plus, it allows you to easily offer a fun non-alcoholic alternative. (Of course, you could always have a liquor or two available for those guests who want to add a glug.) 

Use the hot chocolate bar as another décor-element by displaying glass containers filled with goodies like mini marshmallows, peppermint sticks, and chocolate-covered espresso beans. 

Make it a Sweater Party

Love a good sweater? Who doesn’t! And fall is the perfect time to show off your knitted wears. Invite guests to wear their favorite fall sweater. Not only is it a fun theme, but sweaters can also help your guests stay warm. 

Create a Blanket Station

Ultimately, being cold is the kiss of death to any outdoor party. Make sure your guests are prepared to brave the night, even if the temperature drops a little by providing some warm blankets. 

Setup a Photo Both Backdrop

Love a good Instagram moment? Create your own. A photo booth is a good way to capture lasting memories from a fun night with friends and loved ones. You could use a white sheet or better yet, a big wood pallet. With a few hay bales, some pumpkins and a fun garland, you’ll instantly have a place guests are inclined to pose. 

Additional Outdoor Entertaining Tips


Don’t Let a Little Chilly Weather Keep You Indoors

With the right planning, even a chilly, rainy night doesn’t have to drive you and your friends indoors. In fact, you might find that a bit of changing skies adds a little mood to your evening. From tents to heaters to comfy seats and plenty of light, with the right planning you can enjoy your patio no matter the weather. 

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