7 Things to Know About All-Weather Wicker

all-weather wicker

The earliest wicker furniture dates back to 3,000 BC, but it wasn’t until the Victorian era during the 1860s that the woven seats really found their place. Today, the elegant look of wicker is a staple in outdoor furniture. Its timeless design is even seen in indoor décor, making it a fabulous option for those who want to create a seamless flow between their indoor and outdoor spaces.

How All-Weather Wicker Offers Classic Beauty with Modern Durability

The one downside to traditional wicker is that it doesn’t weather the seasons very well. It’s made from rattan — a natural fiber that is woven around a frame to create a sturdy seat with a little give. Unfortunately, rattan can be hard to maintain. It has a tendency to mildew and rot when left in the rain. When left in the sun, its color can easily be bleached. And, extreme cold can cause it to swell and contract, leading it to break over time.

This is where all-weather wicker is so beautiful. Offering the same elegant design, all-weather wicker is ultra-durable. It’s impervious to the sun, rain, heat, and cold.

It can withstand Mother Nature’s extremes of moisture and heat, while still retaining its color and structural integrity. Explore the benefits of all-weather wicker:

Why Choose All-Weather Wicker for Your Seattle Patio

Explore our comprehensive list of all-weather wicker’s benefits to decide if this is the right Seattle patio furniture for your home.

All-Weather Wicker is Made from Organic Materials

All-weather wicker is made from resin, a plant matter that is capable of hardening permanently. This is what allows it to be resistant to the elements.

All-Weather Wicker is Incredibly Durable

The frames of all-weather wicker are typically made from rust-proof materials, like aluminum and steel. These ultra-durable options allow your outdoor furniture to sit outside for long periods of time without being damaged.

All-Weather Wicker is Moisture Resistant

Traditional wicker will absorb even the smallest amount of moisture from rain or humidity, which will cause it to warp over time. Thanks to the nature of resin, water simply beads off all-weather wicker — even during heavy Seattle downpours. This lets all-weather wicker retain its shape season after season.

All-Weather Wicker is Mold & Mildew Resistant

Because the resin weave and sturdy frames don’t absorb water, all-weather wicker is resistant to mold and mildew.

All-Weather Wicker is Easy to Clean

Like anything, your all-weather wicker will need to be cleaned from time to time. While the weave and frame are mold-resistant, dust and dirt can accumulate on the exterior over time. Luckily, cleaning it is incredibly easy. Typically, you can simply hose it off with an ordinary garden hose and allow it to dry. For a particularly grimy section you might need to gently scrub the woven frame with a soft cloth, warm water, and mild dish soap. Once wiped clean, simply rinse and allow to dry.

All-Weather Wicker Resists Sun Damage

Most materials will slowly bleach in the sun, just like our skin. But the resin coating on all-weather wicker makes it impervious to the harmful rays. Even after prolonged sun exposure, all-weather wicker will retain its original shape and color.

All-Weather Wicker is Easy to Move

One of the common complaints we hear about outdoor furniture is how heavy it is. Rearranging can sometimes feel like a herculean effort. In comparison, all-weather wicker is generally very lightweight and easy to move.

3 of Our Favorite All-Weather Wicker Collections

We recognize that not all all-weather wicker patio furniture is created equal. That’s why at Summer House we’ve carefully curated a selection that’s focused on delivering the perfect mix of function and beauty.

Kingsley Bate Azores Seating

This beautiful mixed material design allows you to have the refined touch of teak with the air look of wicker. The bold planes of woven resin fiber rest atop a handsome foundation of solid teak hardwood. They are capped with teak accents and frame is then overlaid with rich, deep cushions to deliver even more comfort.

Patio Renaissance Del Mar Curved Sectional

Patio Renaissance’s Del Mar sectional features a curved seating arrangement to encourage conversation. Constructed from sturdy aluminum framing, each piece is hand-woven with all-weather wicker. This resin weave combines the old school elegance of wicker with the modern benefit of a longer lifespan. Plush seat and back cushions are added to provide maximum comfort.

Ratana Palm Harbor Seating

Ratana’s Palm Harbor seating features a gently curved back and generous cushions for maximum comfort. Hand-woven premium resin is wrapped over a rust-proof aluminum frame, making for longevity that equals its beauty.

Stop by our Seattle of Bellevue location to see our complete collection.