9 Things to Know About Buying Teak Patio Furniture

teak patio sofa and chair

Teak patio furniture has long been prized for its extreme durability. The maritime industry, in particular, utilized this high-quality wood when facing harsh, wet environments. 

But as you start Googling the best teak patio furniture, it’s important to remember that the cheapest deal isn’t always the best. There are some important things to know about buying teak patio furniture before you press ‘buy now.’ 

Use the following tips to ensure you know what you’re getting (and love it)!

What to Know About Teak Patio Furniture Before You Buy

1. Not All Teakwood is Equal

Teakwood comes from teak trees that originated in south and southeast Asia (specifically Burma, Laos, Thailand, and India). Today, teak plantations can also be found in Africa and Latin America where the tropical climates offer fertile growing conditions. 

Teak trees can grow as tall as 50 meters and live up to 100 years. As with old-growth forests in America, the older the tree, the higher-quality the wood (generally speaking). This is because the prime teak wood is found at the center of the tree, known as heart wood.

Heart wood is the densest, sporting the closest grain and highest quantity of natural oil content. Because growing a teak tree to its ideal harvesting age (50-70 years) is such a longer-term investment, many plantations harvest their trees prematurely. The result is lower-quality teak. 

2. High-Quality Teak is Rot and Insect Resistant

As mentioned above, the closeness of the grain and natural oil content are what makes teak such a prized wood. This rich combination makes it rot and insect-resistant, giving it the ability to withstand nearly anything Mother Nature throws its way. 

3. Teak Changes Color Naturally

When teak patio furniture is first purchased, it has a natural warm honey tone. Over time, the new wood will naturally take on a silvery grey color as it is exposed to the elements.

4. You Can Preserve the Color with Oil or Sealer (for a while)

The natural aging process of teak is unavoidable. The longer the food is exposed to the elements, the more its color will change. However, you can slow the process by treating the wood with oil or a teak sealer. 

Generally, teak sealer is a mix of linseed oil, mineral spirits, and varnish. Applying it will deliver nearly immediate results. Unfortunately, to maintain these results it needs to be re-applied every month or two.

Another way to help preserve golden hues is to cover your teak when it is not being used. Reducing your teak patio furniture’s exposure to sun and rain will help it maintain that freshly-built look. 

5. Teak Patio Furniture Is An Investment

Make no mistake about it — high-quality teak patio furniture isn’t a bargain buy. It is an investment. But it is one you can depend on thanks to its durable nature and timeless look. 

Bonus Tip: Want to change up the look of your teak patio furniture without replacing it? Swapping out the cushions or throw pillows is an affordable and easy way to breathe new life into your outdoor space. 

6. Teak Outdoor Furniture Will Last Longer if it is Covered or Stored During the Winter

Even though your teak heart wood is naturally rot and insect resistant, nothing lasts forever. In order to maximize the lifespan of your teak patio furniture, it’s recommended that you cover or store it during the winter. 

7. Craftsmanship Matters

Our carefully curated selection of teak patio furniture features brands that offer exceptional craftsmanship. Why? Because we believe patio furniture should not only look great and be comfortable, but also be built to last.  

8. Cleaning Teakwood is Easy

One of the beauties of teak patio furniture is that it’s a low-maintenance option. A solution of mild soap and warm water can be used with a soft-bristle brush to wipe off any dust or dirt that has accumulated. Then a quick rinse to remove any lingering soap residue, and you’re done. 

9. It’s Possible to Over-Clean Teak

While cleaning is easy, it’s also possible to over-clean. You don’t want to scrub your teak too much or leave it exposed to water for too long. Ideally, you want to clean your teak patio furniture when there is enough heat and sunshine for it to dry the same day. 

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