Extend the Life of Your Outdoor Space with a Patio Heater

How to Select the Perfect Patio Heater

Think the arrival of chilly days means saying goodbye to your patio for the season? It doesn’t have to! While cold weather sends some folks running inside, those in the know simply turn on their patio heater and keep right on loving their outdoor space.

When you extend the life of your outdoor space with a patio heater, clear fall and winter nights can become some of your favorite throughout the entire year. Because warmth is the biggest challenge you face, selecting the right patio heater is essential.

4 Questions to Consider When Selecting the Right Patio Heater (or Heaters)

How Big is Your Space?

The size of your patio, or more specifically, the size of space you want to heat, plays a big role in determining how many heaters you need. Typically, patio heaters disperse heat in a 15-foot to 20-foot radius.

For instance, if you have long outdoor dining table, you may find one patio heater leaves one half of the table cold. By positioning a patio heater on opposing corners of the table, you can help evenly distribute the heat and warm the entire party.

Where Can You Safely Place It (or Them)?

Thinking about safety is essential when you are considering patio heaters. The more central the location of the patio heater, the more effective its heat dispersal will be. However, you need to consider how you and your guests will move around the heater. Will there be enough space to safely navigate it?

Is the surface on which you are planning to place the heater level? You want to make sure each heater is placed in a location where it won’t tip over, so as to prevent fire and/or injury.

Additionally, you want to think about what is overhead. If your patio is covered or partially covered, what kind of clearance would your patio heater have? Generally speaking, it is best not to use freestanding patio heaters in covered spaces. As an alternative though, wall-mounted infrared patio heaters can be a good option for these outdoor areas.

Do You Want Your Heater in the Same Location Permanently?

Depending on your patio, it could be that there is only one place you want your heater to be stationed. In a case like this, you might not be concerned with moving your patio heater.  However, if you have more than one sitting area (such as an outdoor dining area and a lounging area), you might find it helpful to be able to move your heater from one zone to another.

Whether you want to move your heater plays a big role in what kind of fuel you use. Because natural gas requires a hookup, these heaters will often need to be stationary. Moveable heaters generally run off propane. However, you might find an electric outdoor patio heater is a good choice, as you can use an extension cord when you need to reach a destination that’s further than the cord.

Is a Patio Heater the Best Choice?

Patio heaters aren’t the only source of heat for your patio. A fire pit can be a wonderful alternative that adds beauty and ambiance to your backyard. You can get fire pits in a variety of styles. Some are even built into tables, making them multi-functional! Learn about how to select the best fire pit for your outdoor space.

Additional Ways to Stay Warm

Warm Drinks

A cup of something steaming is a great way to warm up your hands and your insides. From cocktails to mocktails, discover some of our favorite warm drinks perfect for enjoying outdoors!

Heavy Blankets

When we plan to spend time outside during the winter, we often bring a heavy wool blanket or two. They are perfect for cuddling up close with your someone special.


Making sure you have cushions on your patio furniture is another good way to stay warm. We like to select ones that are ultra-plush. Just be sure you store them in a dry place when not in use or else you will have a rather soggy sit next time you head outdoors.

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