Guide to Buying Outdoor Furniture in Seattle

Gloster Curve Dining

Shopping for outdoor furniture should be a fun and relaxing process. Unfortunately, it can become overwhelming. Where do you go? What do you choose? Who has the best deals? What outdoor furniture will actually hold up to the extreme amounts of precipitation the greater Seattle area receives?

To help remove the stress and cut to the chase, we put together this simple guide to buying the best patio furniture for your Pacific Northwest home. 

Measure Your Space

Before you start Googling, “the best patio furniture for sale in Seattle” or rushing to the latest bargain cave, get out your measuring tape. If you want the right patio furniture for your space, there’s no skipping this step. 

Measure the square footage of your patio and/or deck. And don’t forget to write those numbers down. The last thing you want is to forget how much space you have and need to measure again (or guess)!

As you consider the size of your outdoor space use the following two rules for arranging furniture to help you determine what size pieces your patio can accommodate:

  1. 30 inches between each piece of furniture. This allows for individuals to comfortably walk past without bumping into one another of the furniture. 
  2. 14-18 inches between furniture and coffee tables. This allows for individuals to easily access their seat while also giving them the ability to reach items on the table, such as drinks. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Break the Rules

While these layout tricks are certainly helpful guidelines, they aren’t the end all to be all of patio furniture arranging. There are times when placing pieces closer or further from one another can help you create a more intimate or more spacious design. So go ahead and break the rules when you feel like it. 

Consider How You Want to Use Your Patio

This is another big step not to be missed. What’s the primary function you want your patio to serve? Do you want it to be a place you:

  • Gather with friends and family to enjoy a meal?
  • Retreat with a book for a quiet moment all alone?
  • Congregate for evening cocktails?
  • Enjoy some ambiance around a fire?

All of these and more are fabulous reasons to turn your patio into an outdoor extension of your home. But depending on your space, your patio may not be able to accommodate each of these functions. It’s important to identify which activity is the most important to you. 

Depending on what you want (such as a large outdoor dining space or a fire pit) you may be able to help a space do double duty. That being said, we always recommend focusing on what’s most important first.

Consider How Much Maintenance You’re Willing to Do

Generally, most customers are looking for low-maintenance patio furniture. They want to spend more time enjoying their outdoor space and less time taking care of it. We get it! Something that has to be sanded and stained each year becomes a pain in the neck!

That’s why we’ve carefully curated a selection of low-maintenance patio furniture. Materials like teak are naturally rot and mildew-resistant, allowing them to stand up to the wet Seattle climate. All-weather wicker is another material that is resistant to rust and requires minimal cleaning — making it an ideal choice in the Pacific Northwest. 

What Patio Furniture Do You Already Have?

We believe patio furniture is an investment. It’s not intended to be replaced year after year. So if you already have a piece (or a few pieces) that you love, great! These items can be a fabulous starting point for upgrading your patio. Take stock of what you have and what you wish you had. 

Do you already have an outdoor sectional, but need some additional individual seats? If this is the case, you might consider buying a pair of outdoor chairs in the same material. To create a more cohesive look, you can upgrade your outdoor sectional’s existing cushion covers to match your new chairs. 

Do you already have an outdoor dining table, but wish your patio had a cozy space too? You may consider replacing the two seats at the head of your table with larger chairs, such as those from the Kingsley Bate Chelsea Seating collection. When not needed at the diner table, you can pull these two chairs together to create a cozy destination. 

Ready to see your patio furniture options in person? Stop by our Seattle or Bellevue location to check out our carefully curated selection. We strongly encourage you to leave enough time to sit for a bit. This is key to making sure the pieces you are considering are comfortable for you.