How to Create Dog-Friendly Condo Balcony

Puppy Yellow Lab

Does one of your family members have four legs, love belly rubs, and give wet kisses? For pet parents out there, there’s nothing more important than keeping their pup happy and safe – except maybe avoiding a trip to the street at 1:00 AM.

Luckily, with a few helpful tips, you can turn our condo’s balcony into a dog-friendly destination both you and your dog will enjoy. 

Create a Puppy Playground Just for Him

Potty training your young furbaby is difficult. Expecting him to hold it while the two of you wait for the elevator is downright excruciating.

Happy Dog on Patio

Puppies need to go often. Shortly after eating and drinking, nature typically calls. Because successful housebreaking requires consistency, you’re often left cleaning up mess after mess or spending most of your time traveling in and out of your building.

However, with the right touch, you can turn your condo’s balcony into an outdoor playground. With the simple addition of weather resistant, artificial grass, you can give your pup a place to play and go. Weather resistant artificial grass can be bought by the roll or foot at most home improvement stores. And cleaning it is often as simple as rinsing it down with a hose.

Dog-Safe Your Railings

Today’s balconies are typically equipped with childproof railings. This prevents kids from falling through. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop a small dog from slipping through the gaps. To protect your dog while maintaining your sense of open space, consider attaching acrylic sheets to the lower section of your guardrail. This will allow your dog (and you) to see, without fear that they’ll slip through the cracks.
Dog on Patio Furniture

Comfy Lounger

Dogs are pack animals. They want to spend time with their humans. This means if you’re lounging on the patio, he will likely want to lounge out there too. Make sure he has a comfortable bed on which to lounge.

To keep the bed from getting gross, find one that has a machine washable cover. Because rain happens, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. A durable, waterproof fabric, will help the bed last. You’ll also want to avoid fabrics that are likely to mildew. And if you’re really interested in keeping your pup’s bed clean, you might consider a raised hammock-like bed. Outfitted with canvas, these beds can easily be washed off as needed.

Keep His Water Bowl Classy

Water bowls can look like a bit of an eyesore. They can also be a tripping hazard. But as unattractive as they often are, they’re necessary. Rather than let the water bowl be a sore thumb, put it in an attractive, raised planter. Position the planter in the corner and suddenly you’ve added a bit of functional beauty to your condo’s dog-friendly patio.

Grass Landing Pad

Want to give your dog a little step up from the synthetic grass? How about the real thing! A patch of real grass is an easy way to control the smell associated with nature’s bodily functions. Grass delivery services deliver patches of real grass to your condo so your dog has a natural place to go. In Seattle, Condo Pet Pals offers grass patches in two sizes, which can be replaced on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Talk about easy!

Dog Outdoors

Dog-Friendly Plants

Want to grow a bit more than a thriving puppy? Your patio doesn’t have to be all dog, all the time, You can also plant flowers and edibles. You just want to make sure that whatever you are planting is dog-friendly. For instance, you’ll want to stay away from azaleas and daffodils. Though beautiful, they are poisonous to dogs. (Discover the 10 most common poisonous plants for dogs.)

Slim, East to Store Outdoor Patio Chairs

A dog-friendly balcony doesn’t mean it’s just for your dog. You can share the space. In fact, your dog would prefer it that way. Make your outdoor space comfy for you and your dog with the addition of sturdy, well-built outdoor patio chairs.

To make you sure you have the maximum in flexibility, select a sturdy chair that can also be stored easily. Often folding chairs are ideal, as they can be quickly buttoned up and put away when not needed. To add a bit more luxury, consider equipping them with comfy cushions. Select a color or pattern that works well with your interior and they can double as floor cushions when needed.

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