How to Spring Clean Your Patio

Outdoor PatioSpring has arrived. The cherry blossoms are turning. The sun is shining. And, it’s time to get back outside to enjoy lounging on your patio furniture. But first, your outdoor space most likely needs a bit of a clean.

These simple tips and tricks will help you spruce up your backyard. From patio stains and mildewed umbrellas to dirty wicker and algae splotched wrought iron, you can get rid of it all! 

10 simple spring cleaning tips

Say No to Concrete Grime

Over time, dirt and grime can collect on your patio. This can cause the stone or concrete to develop a thick layer of gunk. By annually degriming the surface is a great way to kick off the outdoor season, helping you prepare a relaxing environment you can enjoy the rest of the year.

Begin by removing all the furniture and potted plants from your patio. Sweep any loose leaves and dirt from the surface. Rinse the surface with a hose. (A spray attachment works really well to begin loosening any stubborn dirt.) Next, spread an environmentally safe cleaner across the surface. Allow it to sit for 20 minutes, then using a stiff bristled broom, scrub the surface clean. Rinse thoroughly with water. You’ll be surprised at how beautiful your patio looks.

Tackle Stubborn Concrete Stains

Even after you ‘de-grime’ your patio, stubborn stains can remain. While you could turn scrubbing your patio into your own personal arm workout, there’s an easier way. Mother Nature’s bleach. We’re not talking about traditional bleach which could potentially kill your plants. Rather, a concentrated dose of lemon juice can help you naturally lighten and often remove stubborn stains. Apply on a sunny day. Allow the lemon juice to sit overnight. Then rinse clean. Repeat as needed.

Clean Up Your Steps

Like your patio, your steps and siding can develop a coat of dirt and grime throughout the winter. Talk about an instant curb appeal killer! Plus, all that grime on your steps can make them slippery and unsafe.

Begin by spraying your steps and siding down. Then, apply an environmentally friendly cleaner, allowing it to sit for 20 minutes. Scrub with a stiff bristle brush. Rinse thoroughly. And, allow the steps and siding to dry.

Rinse Exterior of Pots

The name of the game is to clean all surfaces and that includes your pots. Using water and a stiff bristle brush, scrub the dirt and grime that’s built upon the exterior of your posts.

Wash Your Teak

Teak is relatively low maintenance. It’s naturally resistant to mold and rot, which is one of the reasons it’s a favorite for outdoor furniture. However, it does require the occasional cleaning.

Using a mild soap and a soft brush, gently remove any dirt that has collected on the exterior of your teak. Learn more about cleaning teak patio furniture.

Rinse Powder-Coated Aluminum and All-Weather Wicker

Around here, we’re big fans of low maintenance materials. This is why, in addition to teak, we’re big fans of powder-coated aluminum and all-weather wicker. Both materials are mold and rot resistant. Any dirt, grime or algae that’s built up over the winter can easily be rinsed free. For support spots, scrub gently with warm water, mild soap, and a soft sponge.

Learn more about cleaning woven furniture.

Get Rid of Algae on Wrought Iron

Wrought iron makes an ideal material for outdoor patio furniture because it’s extremely durable. However, due to the moist climate in the Pacific Northwest, algae can grow on the surface. Don’t worry. There’s an easy fix. Using a stiff-bristled brush, warm water, and mild soap, you can easily get rid of it.

Replace Burned-Out Light Bulbs

Like the light bulbs in your house, the light bulbs on your patio burn out over time. Before you start planning leisurely evenings outside, make sure you’re going to have some light. Check that all the light bulbs on your patio are working and replace those that have burnt out.

Refill Propane Tanks

From your patio heater to your gas grill, propane can help you bring the heat. But, you have to have propane! Refill your tanks now, so that you’re not halfway through an evening grilling your favorite cut of beef only to discover you’ve run out.

Rinse and Wash Umbrella Fabric (or Replace!)

Like your furniture, your umbrella’s fabric can collect dirt and even develop some mildew. Take the time now to wash it clean. Rise it with water. Then, using a soft-bristle brush and a mild soap, scrub any stains from the surface. You may also consider replacing your umbrella canopy. This is an easy and affordable way to quickly makeover your outdoor space by introducing a new color or pattern to your patio.

In need of some new patio furniture for your freshly cleaned outdoor space? Explore our essential guide for selecting comfortable patio furniture you’ll love for years to come.


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