How to Choose Comfortable Patio Furniture

Comfortable patio furniture

With thoughtful planning, you can select comfortable patio furniture that extends your home’s welcoming interior to your outdoor space.

A cozy, all-weather wicker sofa can turn your porch into a second family room. Add a family-style teak dining table and chairs to a patio and it encourages device-free, alfresco meals. And don’t assume a small balcony or pocket garden are off limits for leisure time. With the right space-saving selection of outdoor furniture, you can create your own intimate, outdoor oasis. 

The following tips can help you select the patio furniture that’s right for your home:

Consider How You Want to Use Your Space

It’s a rare deep-set sofa that doubles seamlessly as an outdoor dining chair. Great patio furniture is designed to fulfill a specific function. This is why it’s so important to consider how you want to use your space.

Do you plan to host cocktail parties for your friends? Do you want it to be the go-to spot for your kid’s birthday celebrations? Would you like your outdoor space to be a peaceful place to listen to music and read?

Measure Your Space

Outdoor lounger

Another thing to keep in mind is how much space you really have. You may be able to fit an outdoor sofa on your four-foot by three-foot patio, but probably not a whole lot else. Filling up your entire deck with a dining table could be the ticket to getting everyone to eat together. It might also mean not having enough room for a fire pit and lounge chairs.

Before you head to the store, grab a measuring tape and measure your outdoor space. Write down those measurements and bring them with you. An experienced outdoor patio specialist can help you determine what pieces will meet your needs, while also fitting within your backyard.

Take a Seat

When you read about shopping for matrasses, experts advise you to spend at least 15 minutes lying on the mattress. The same is true of any piece of furniture. You want to spend some time actually sitting in it to see if it’s comfortable.

Because remember, your body is unique. Your preferences are too. Some individuals like chairs with straight backs and some like chairs with a bit more of a recline. You might prefer extra deep cushions or you could find that a sling-back seat delivers just the right amount of give. They key is to try the chairs and sofas in advance.

Think About Warmth

Outdoor living room

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the evenings can be a bit brisk. An outdoor heater or fire pit can add the extra warmth that lets you enjoy Mother Nature’s early spring and late fall. Explore our collection of outdoor fire pits.

Consider How Much Maintenance You’re Realistically Willing to Do

Not all patio furniture is created equal. Some require more maintenance than others. There are those individuals who aren’t afraid of the work. However, most of us would rather spend more time enjoying their outdoor space than tending to it.

Most all-weather wicker and teak furniture are relatively unfazed by mother nature, allowing them to be easily enjoyed for years to come.

Will You Want to Store Your Outdoor Furniture?

Even the most durable outdoor furniture can benefit from winter storage. If storing your furniture is a priority, consider where you’d have room to place it during the winter. You’ll also want to consider how easy it will be to move. Some items are lighter than others and others fold. Both of these features can make winter storage much easier.

Stick to Neutral Colors

Like buying a sofa for your living room, patio furniture is an investment. You can certainly buy a bright orange table, but most individuals find they grow tired of splashy colors much more quickly than neutral ones. By selecting patio furniture in brown and black tones, you can easily dress up your space yearly with new outdoor cushions, flowers, and umbrella shades.

Stop by our Seattle or Bellevue showroom to talk to a patio specialist and find the perfect furniture for your outdoor space.