How to Mix and Match the Patterns of Your Outdoor Pillows

How to Mix and Match Outdoor Pillow Patterns

We typically recommend customers purchase patio furniture in neutral, solid colors. The reason is quite simple – this gives you the maximum flexibility. And when you are dealing with one of the most expensive patio items, flexibility is what you want. You want furniture that will stand the test of time. 

This doesn’t mean your patio has to be bland and boring. The power of outdoor pillows is their ability to spike your space with color. These affordable accessories can easily be changed and updated. This means you aren’t stuck with just one vibe. You can recreate your patio in a moment’s notice – especially if you know how to mix and match patterns.

Mixing patterns can seem daunting. We get it. You don’t want your backyard to look like your five-year-old when she dresses herself. Luckily, the keys to mixing patterns can be broken down into three simple steps.


1 – Select Your Highlight Color

Your highlight color isn’t the color of your patio furniture or cushions. It’s a complimentary color. A brighter color. A color that pops. This could be a magenta, blue or green. It could be anything that stands out.


2 – Select Patterns With Your Prominent Color

Use your highlight color as your guide. Select pillows of differing patterns that all have the same highlight color.

3 – Use at Least One Solid Pillow in an Accent Color

From the pillows you selected, identify an accent color. Purchase a solid pillow in that accent color. This will help break up the pattern and allow the eye to rest.


Bonus Tip – Use other accent pieces in your highlight pillow color or complimentary colors to further draw out your theme. These accent pieces can help you take your patio from a simple space to luxurious retreat in not time.


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